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With a foreword featuring Gary, of course. 


I have read every single article linked on this page, then summarised them here - while still maintaining their original unique stories.

For quicker browsing, the highlighted parts are the exact reasons the author states why they started to eat animal products again.

Except for a couple of exceptions, I did not include "Why I'm No Longer Vegetarian" links here. I may update this.

Nothing has been taken out of context. 

At the very bottom of this page is an appendix with notes for further reading on the subjects covered by the ex-vegans in their posts collected here. Click here to go straight to the Appendix.


If you actually read the following blog posts and articles, you will notice, as I did, that at least one of the following four recurring themes appear in all of them. The only exceptions are the few with religious motives.

  • Eating disorders.
  • "Just listen to your body; everyone's different."
  • "Cravings".
  • Becoming vegan for reasons other than ethics.

By far the main recurring theme is simply not being in it primarily for the animals, and instead, going vegan for personal issues, i.e. to "try out the vegan diet" for weight loss. So is it really surprising that veganism doesn't stick with these people?

After reading every word of the following blogs and interviews, I believe, even more so now than before reading all these articles, that the ethical foundations for veganism are the strongest, and that if you start seriously from these roots and build from there that only a strong vegan life will be able to grow from it.

The ethical foundations for veganism are deceptively simple and can be illustrated in the following four points:

  1. It is wrong to cause unnecessary harm to animals.
  2. The consumption of animal products harms animals.
  3. Eating animals is unnecessary for optimal human health.
  4. Therefore, we shouldn't consume animal products.

(These points are expertly elaborated on here:

I put forth that it is a concrete understanding of these simple points - and their implications - that differentiates "hardcore" vegans from the rest. Who, it would appear, only seem "hardcore" from the view of the fleeting visits by those who come-and-go for more temporary reasons. 

Though of course, coming and going is better than never arriving at all. I know I am not alone in thinking this as many of the following ex-vegans who, after returning to animal consumption, continued to eat largely plant-based meals due to what they learnt and experienced during their veganism.

It is unsurprising that nearly all of the following blogs do not refute the above four ethical points, but either acknowledge their truth or avoid them completely... That's all they can do.

The only point that appears to come into question is the third point, that eating animals is unnecessary for optimal human health. This is where the "just listen to your body; everyone's different" position sounds reasonable. And I actually agree with this statement. We are all different. But does this make it sound reasoning for exiling veganism?

This paper from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – the largest nutritional organisation in the world –  states that their position is that “appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases." They followed by stating these diets are "appropriate for individuals during all stages of the lifecycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.”

Yes, we are all somewhat different, though unquestionably our similarities are far greater. So maybe the aspects in which we differ makes it not a question of "is a vegan diet right for me?" but rather as the statement above suggests, "what would be considered an appropriately planned vegan diet for me?"

It's true that a minority of the following posts say they went vegan for "partly" ethical reasons, but then eventually transitioned away from veganism for some other reasons. Some of the blogs linked to below say their "morals changed", without further elaboration, but none of this comes close to negating the above four points concerning morality. 

As these four points are the core of the case for veganism - and can never be opposed by anyone's personal issues, however imminent they may be - I too, like Gary and Emily in her video above, see no reason why the case for veganism would ever not be rock solid.

Whether this translates into each individuals action of actually maintaining a vegan lifestyle is another story, and is also completely not the point: the case for veganism is still valid. And until the case isn't valid, the case for everyone to adopt a progressively more vegan diet is also still valid.

Unlike when your own health becomes dangerously compromised (like in some of the posts below) and you start taking your diet seriously because of it, it can be difficult to snap some people into conscious awareness of the ethical basis for veganism. Which is why, because of their undeniability, I would still think, in addition to the above four ethical points, the three most suitable routes for our activism to take would be in the raising awareness of:

  1. the processes that animals go through to get to our plates,
  2. carnism, and probably most importantly,
  3. the many logical fallacies that support meat consumption, as without them, the platform of carnism falls flat on its face and eating plants is the only rational thing left to do.

However, the point of this article is not to elaborate on those. It is simply to collect and look objectively at - for whatever they are worth - all the written reasons online as to why people are no longer vegan.

So it's my pleasure to introduce to you the article I went looking for but didn't find, so I made it myself: The Internet's Largest Objective Collection of Ex-Vegan Blog Posts, Articles, Interviews, Forum and Message Board Posts. Or, as I prefer to call it, The Ex-Vegan Encyclopedia.

The Ex-Vegan Encyclopedia on Vomad.Life or

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      Why Vegans Fail: 84% of vegetarians and 75% of vegans fail, but 1/3 want to get back on the wagon. This video explores why they fail and why people can't seem to return to veganism easily regardless of the desire.


    Vegetarianism and Eating Disorders

      A 2012 study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that women suffering from eating disorders are four times more likely to be vegetarian than women without eating disorders. More than half (52 percent) of women with a history of eating disorders had been vegetarians at one point in their lives. ... Let’s be clear: Vegetarianism does not cause eating disorders. In fact, done properly, it can be a healthy choice at any stage of life. Vegetarians tend to consume an overall healthier diet and have a lower risk of obesity and related health problems like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. But it has to be done right. Cutting out meat and replacing it with processed junk food does not promote good health but rather fatigue and malnourishment. Healthy vegetarians find substitutes for the nutrients they’re missing ... When their diet contains a wide variety of nutritious foods, it tends to be higher in fruits, vegetables, fiber and complex carbohydrates and lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than a non-vegetarian diet. .... The purpose of pointing out the link between eating disorders and vegetarianism is not to discourage meatless eating, but to emphasize the importance of doing so healthfully. ... If the primary goal is to lose weight, this may be a red flag for disordered eating.


    Mic The Vegan: 'The Vegetarian Myth' Debunked

      A look at Lierre Keith's claims against veganism and the validity of her anti-vegan bible 'The Vegetarian Myth.' [links and sources in the description] [this book is mentioned at least a couple times above as reasoning to eat animals, but when inspected closer is not what it appears to be]


    Vitamin K

      [Quite a few of the blogs above mention Vitamin K2 as a reason to eat animals] The process of blood clotting requires vitamin K. This nutrient is also thought to play a role in bone health and the functioning of our kidneys. There are different types of vitamin K. Our gut bacteria can make vitamin K1 into vitamin K2. Where do vegans get vitamin K? Vitamin K1 is made by plants. It is found in Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach, spring greens and kiwi fruit. Make sure that your daily diet contains good sources of this nutrient. It’s a great reason to eat your greens!


    Beyond "I'm Not Vegan Anymore"

      Vegan living, like love, is not about getting something for myself; it’s about giving: giving mercy and kindness to others who are vulnerable in our hands. Going vegan to get health is like getting married to get wealth: it’s typically not a lasting motivation and it corrodes the integrity of our commitment. If we don’t deepen our motivation beyond personal health, it’s easy to fall prey to the “cravings” for an adverse affair of some kind—the bacon smells so enticing; the neighbor is so attractive. Motivation is at the heart of both love and veganism, as well as of our spiritual evolution.


    Preventing Ex Vegans: Why Feeling Normal Matters

      People sometimes leave veganism (or vegetarianism) because they no longer believe in its benefits—so overhyping the benefits of veganism, promoting unrealistic expectations (like the idea that you could age like a supermodel) can definitely backfire when it comes to encouraging long-term veganism. Likewise, ignoring the issue of ethics can be a mistake. It seems like sometimes we are afraid to talk about it—afraid, in fact, to say that animals matter. The truth is that ethics is a more honest approach to vegan activism and probably one that is more effective in the long run. Finally, while we want to present veganism as easy, we really do fail vegans, new vegans in particular, if we don’t talk about the important details of nutrition. Vegans can and do get sick if they don’t have access to reliable nutrition information.


    84% of Vegetarians and Vegans Return to Meat. Why?

      The fact that five out of six vegetarians go back to eating meat suggests that an all-veggie diet is very hard for most people to maintain over the long haul. Hence, the authors of the report argue that animal protectionists would be better off concentrating their efforts to persuade “the many” to reduce their consumption of flesh than trying to convince “the few” to take the absolutist route and give up meat completely.


    What the Blonde Vegan & Carrie On Vegan Can Teach Us About Eating Healthfully


    Anything I Missed?

    Please leave comments below with links to any blogs or youtube videos I missed, or any appropriate articles or videos for the appendix, and I'll add them to the list. 

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